SAAS-Service prepares and verifies the company's compliance with legal requirements and generates applications and documentation for obtaining public services.
    The project manager contacted us to make a presentation to get investment for the development of additional functionality of Ergius system and enter the European market.
      The project already had about 10 presentations, which contained information about the system, its functionality and plans for service development and promotion. The slides of the old presentations were overloaded with a detailed description of the functionality of each module and looked more like an guide for using Ergius than a presentation for an investor.

      We were tasked to combine the main theses into one presentation, which would reflect, on the one hand, a deep understanding of the problems of the target audience and ways to solve them, and ,on the other hand, a vision of the product development strategy and its introduction to the European market.

      We analyzed all the content and interviewed the team members to identify the target users of the system, their problems, the service's unique features and advantages over services that solve the same user problems. Then we built the logical narrative that gradually leads investor from the description of the features of the service and usage scenarios to the business model, roadmap and marketing strategy.
        This approach allowed Ergius project manager to successfully pitch to an investor and get $1.5 mln investment.