Eventada is a service where the user can plan their free time, choose different places, activities, events, more and more precisely adapting to the tastes of the person. Organizers or owners of entertainment venues have a personal account and can publish events, places and activities that the user sees. Users can browse and select entertainment.

Travel agencies create their own tours based on сlients'social and demographic characteristics, family composition and income. Tours can be group, individual or VIP.
    About Eventada
    The client approached us to create an event aggregator for the UAE: an online service and a mobile app for tourists and locals with the ability to create multiple profiles for the same person. For example, a "family man" profile for himself, his wife and 2 children. When the wife and kids fly away on holiday, the person can switch on the "party person" profile within the system and go to hookahs and bars. In each profile, the artificial intelligence and interest recommendation system creates a unique portrait of the user.

    The UAE market has been growing strongly over the past few years, including the tourism sector. In addition, the UAE offers favorable conditions for entrepreneurs to relocate and develop their business in the local market. So, visitors with high level of income come to the UAE, and Eventada has many options for organizing leisure time for such users.
      Main functions
      Entertainment categories
      The service includes three entertainment categories:
      • Events. For example, go to a concert, take a tour of local attractions or visit an exhibition
      • Activities. Such as flying in a helicopter over the city, riding a gyroscope or skydiving
      • Places. For example, restaurants, museums, theme parks and galleries
        When buying a tour from an agency, a tourist downloads an app and sees a plan for visiting events in his or her personal calendar. If there is any free time, they can take a survey after which the service will suggest additional attractions.
        User profiles
        When registering, a user can select the type of profile to receive relevant recommendations from the service. For example, "Family Man" or "Party Lover". The user can register multiple profiles and switch between them as needed.

        Project implementation stage
        The project is at the development stage. Our team wrote the technical specification to develop the service from scratch, and UI/UX designers drew prototypes of Eventada's web and mobile interfaces
          Tech stack
          Gitlab CI/CD