Project Management System


Our client provides a service for effective project and team management. Detailed information cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


Communication between project team members often takes place via messengers. To clarify task statuses or set new ones, you have to switch in and out from messenger to project management system. Switching between several applications takes time, shifts the focus of attention and disrupts one’s productivity. 


The Y-Tech team integrated Slack and MS Teams with the project management system.

Task management

Project team members can create new tasks or tickets right inside Slack and MS Teams. To set a task one should enter a special command in any chat or channel, describe the task and, optionally, assign a responsible person, provide due date and remaining metadata. The created task will automatically appear in the project management system.

Project progress monitoring

The project stakeholders could subscribe for notifications, so whenever tasks are updated or completed the client will receive notification just into messenger.


Team members are kept in the loop by timely notifications on project working progress and quickly respond to changes. Integration with messengers allows one to avoid unnecessary check-ins and save one’s time by setting new tasks in Slack and MS Teams.


Backend: Java, Spring
DevOps: Gitlab CI/CD, Docker
Messaging: REST API, WebHooks
Databases: PostgreSQL
Monitoring: Grafana, Graylog
Hosting: AWS