Makeup and skincare manufacturer


Our client is a makeup, skincare and haircare manufacturer that sells its products all over the world.Detailed information cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


Information on the launch of a new product or product line is published in a press release on all company’s information resources. The press release should be promptly translated into foreign languages preserving the meaning of the text and the layout when converting to other formats.


The client approached our team to develop a system that allows quick translation of press releases in foreign languages and provides text in publication-ready formats.

How it works

The marketer responsible for distributing press releases writes the text in English, uploads it to the developed system and selects the languages in which to translate the text.

The text is instantly translated via Crowdin and sent to the interpreters. The interpreters proofread the text and correct any inaccuracies they find.

The marketer sees the current translation status of each press release and plans its publishing on the company's official website or email distribution to customers in a specific region. 

In addition, the marketer specifies the formats in which the press release should be received - pdf, docx, html so that the layout of the press release is identical on all information resources and does not change when the publication format changes.


The automatic translation system saves interpreters' time.They receive a finished version of the text, which they only need to proofread and check for inaccuracies.

The format of the press release adapts to the publication platform, so the marketer and content managers do not worry about changing the press release layout.


Backend: Java, Spring
DevOps: Gitlab CI/CD, Docker
Messaging: REST API, RabbitMQ
Databases: PostgreSQL
Monitoring: Grafana, Graylog
Hosting: AWS