Online-renderer farm service that film studios, creators of video games and special effects, , advertising agencies, bloggers use to speed up rendering and visualization work

General numbers

50 servers

400 processors

4200 ghz total processing power

Main functions

Each task has detailed statistics:

  • the beginning of rendering,
  • the end of rendering,
  • rendering cost per frame
The project implemented billing and loyalty system in the form of discounts integrated with 2checkout and walletone payment systems.

A «rendering cost calculator» was created from scratch. It allows user to calculate how much time the client can save on rendering, if he refers to Forrender.

How Forrender works?

Two folders are automatically created for each user: for projects and for results. Access is organized through a browser where the user can view the results, archive them and download them. Also, each user is automatically created FTP access to the results folder and its personal projects.


Backend: Django, Python
DevOps: Gitlab CI/CD, Docker
Background tasks: Celery, RabbitMQ
Frontend: Vue.js, JavaScript, Webpack
Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis, Pgbouncer
Monitoring: Sentry.io, Datadog
Hosting: DigitalOcean, Vscale, Hetzner
Real-time: Centrifuge, Websocket