Web Mobile

The system is a cloud service: it stores the patient’s medical history, his analyses, the history of monitoring his condition. Although the system was designed to focus on oncology, it can be easily adapted to any long-term monitoring from cardiology to pregnancy.

Main functions

  • Calendar of appointments for medical procedures
  • Regular  questionnaires of the patient
  • Storage of the patient’s virtual medical record
  • Communication between patient and doctor
  • Tracking patient disease statistics
  • Administration of drugs within the system
  • Regular reminders to the patient about medication and prescribed procedures

We start prototyping from the core features of the system: dashboard, calendar, illness history. The prototype was tested by two methods: classical usability testing and AB-test. The system showed worthy results: users achieved the task by committing no more than 1 error.

There are 2 roles in Oncona: doctor and patient. Some elements are common to both roles, but most of the functionality and features are different as users have different goals. Based on the analyzed experience of other medical information portals, systems and applications, recommendations for design were formed.